Promises made, promises kept and a 100% satisfaction guarantee is 
what you can expect from Steve and Holly! Imagine you’ve been a 
successful real estate agent for 30 years. How is that possible? With 
dedication, tenacity, a strong desire to succeed, and with focused 
commitment to your clients. That’s exactly what has made Broker 
Associate Steve Markley an icon in the highly competitive real 
estate industry–it is what has also been the foundation for his and 
wife, Holly’s strength as a team, both professionally and personally.
Both natives of Madison, Steve and Holly were married over 
30 years ago. Steve graduated with an Associate Degree in Real 
Estate and Holly followed him into the real estate industry 
obtaining her broker’s license in 1995. Their journey began in 
Madison at St. Mary’s Hospital where they were born one year 
apart. Unbeknownst to each other, they attended the same high 
school–Madison East, yet they did not know each other until they 
met one year after graduation while attending UW-Madison. Of 
German descent, three of their parents grew up on Southern 
Wisconsin farms where their families spoke both German and 
English. “Our parents instilled a strong work ethic in us,” says 
Steve. In fact, Steve was a hardworking entrepreneur at a young 
age selling bait to local fi shermen in the Lake Mendota area. His 
interest in sales continued as he worked at local, well known stores 
selling men’s clothing and sporting goods. Steve also used to go 
along with his father doing construction and home maintenance 
on executive homes in Maple Bluff. “I truly believe that my interest 
in sales and real estate started at a young age and continued to grow 
as I acquired other skills while working with local building 
contractors. It all provided me with the insight and interest into 
the real estate profession I enjoy today,” states Steve.
Holly’s part-time employment has focused on customer service 
through the medical fi eld. She works as a Medical Administrative 
Assistant with the Department of Family Medicine. Previously 
she was at UW Hospital and Clinics. Holly is a personable and 
empathetic person who possesses a high degree of detail and 
accuracy to the work she does. She is a team partner with Steve in 
their real estate business.
Steve and Holly’s strengths complement each other as a team. 
Their experience and track record have provided them with the 
strength of credibility. Steve has consistently been a top producer 
every year and weathered through some tough times in the real 
estate industry. When interest rates were high during the 1980’s 
and the market was tough, Steve survived because of his diligence 
and tenacity. “I saw many bankruptcies and foreclosures, and 
fi nancing by land contract was the norm. How did I survive? I 
found creative ways to get the job done. I guess you could say 
that after all these years I have withstood the test of time.” And 
his hard work has paid off, consistently placing him in the top 
ranking group of REALTORS® in South Central Wisconsin.
Continuing education is important to their continued success. 
Steve has earned his CRS, ABR, and GRI designations and 
completed the appraisal course toward state licensing, while Holly 
has earned her CRS, ABR and GRI designations.
With their strong work ethic and their will to succeed, they have 
built a large, solid base of local clients who know that they can 
trust Steve and Holly to “get the job done right the fi rst time.” 
Their motto, “You can count on Steve and Holly,” rings true 
with their clients–90% of which are repeat and referral business. 
They treat their clients like family. In fact, many past clients have 
become their close friends. This is due to their “100% satisfaction 
guarantee promise.” “Our word, our reputation and our integrity 
are the core values of how we function in life and as a team.”
Steve & Holly Markley
Steve & Holly Markley
MARKLEY TEAM-Broker Associates-Counselors